Photography : Alun Callender

Tess Newall is a decorative artist based in London and Sussex. She hand-paints bespoke murals and furniture, and has recently launched her own collection of hand-painted homewares.

Our studio team decorate walls and furniture worldwide, for both residential and commercial projects. Following a decade of experience as a set designer and painter in the film industry, Tess has mastered how to adopt stylistic influences and bring a creative vision to life. She often draws on historic patterns and aims to capture an artisanal feel, where textures and brushstrokes add to the atmosphere of a room or to the character of a furniture piece. We work collaboratively with interior designers and private clients, with a meticulous attention to detail.

Photography : Alun Callender

We hope that our collection of homewares will allow more people to bring the creativity and joy of the hand-painted into their home. Painted pieces, however small, transform and uplift a space. Our wallpapers and lampshades show every brushstroke and texture of an original piece, and our mirrors, lamps and children’s chairs are all hand-painted in our East Sussex studio.

Please get in touch for any enquiries, collaborations or press.

"Hand-painted things add another layer to a room, like a textile, working harmoniously with knick knacks which grow around them as they become a backdrop to the life of their inhabitants.”